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She started 24, she sand in clubs , bars , streets made her first self titled album in 1983, then went on top of billboards then. Continued made a her 2nd world tour called the Blonde Ambition Tour in 1990. Got hold of the world . Became known as the Queen . Made more albums in the 90s. still on top. made a book  , legendary book.(S.E.X) .Made videos which hypnotised even the richest. Expressed herself through contreversial themes. became a mother. Made Ray of Light . Won a bunch of The GRAMMYs . Made a political statement through American life . People told she was over. Came back with Confessions , Hard cndy , MDNA , and still ruling the music world. No one could beat . 
She fought for the freedom of the people. taught us that no wars no religions , no negativisms can make a better world. But LOVE, Compassion and tolereance could make a better. She proved that literaly Nothing is Impossible. At 56 , she is still on the top. She is the best selling female artist and the 4th best selling artist in the WORLD. 
Happy Birthday to the ONLY Madonna . You’ll always be remembered. You’re always in vogue. There are people who dont know. They critisise me for my love for you… you are my Queen.


Typostrate Weekend Inspiration 59

Yes! Here is our weekend inspiration. The best artworks that we found this week and some nice inspirations that were sent to us by our fans and followers. Unfortunately the submit function and some other design functions were gone with the resetting of our site. But watch out, because at the end of the year we will release a new site. So long enjoy these inspirations.

Design can have many types of soul, the key is to have one.” Justin Ahrens

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we can join…live as one…no heaven , no hell , no religion , no sexual , racial boundries. like a family. we can try to be better. so that this world would be a BETTER PLACE.